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Sara Silvestri, MD FAAP

Helping adoptive parents navigate and understand the medical aspects and challenges of adoption

Pediatrician/Adoptive Mom

I am a board certified Pediatrician and an adoptive mother. I know how difficult the adoption journey can be and want to help families better understand the medical questions raised during adoption. 

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Services through The Adoption Doc, LLC are informative for families trying to understand general medical risks or interpret medical records while considering adoption.  Information presented on this website is general information and discussion on medicine, health related and adoption related topics.  The information is not presented for the purpose of self-diagnosis nor treatment.  Dr. Silvestri will not be your medical doctor and a patient-doctor relationship will not be established.  She will not be providing any diagnosis nor treatment.  You should continue to consult with your regular doctor(s) for any concerns you have regarding your health

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