• Sara Silvestri, MD FAAP

Adoption Day 2019

This week we celebrate our son's adoption day. Two years ago, the judge made it official that the little man that we fell in love with at first sight, would be our son forever. As an adoptive mother, I am beyond blessed. I may not be able to say that giving birth to my son was the most important moment of my life, but I get to celebrate the most important moment when he was first placed in my arms and became my son in my heart as well as the day he became my son legally.

We have decided to celebrate this day as a way to value our family and our love for each other. I want my son to grow up knowing that we honor his adoption, that it is not something to be ashamed of and to know that we are eternally grateful to his birth mother. We appreciate that this day stems from a loss and an amazing sacrifice. Therefore, one of the main components of our adoption day tradition is to provide a donation to an organization. This donation is made as a tribute to our son's birth mother who gave us the most amazing gift that we will never be able to repay.

For our son's first adoption day 2 years ago, we donated to Jeremiah's Place which is a crisis nursery that provides Emergency Childcare in our area. This organization provides a safe haven for children who need short-term care in a crisis when families may otherwise be forced to leave their children in a high-risk situation. I am proud to say that I am friends with one of the amazing founders of this organization and am in awe at the amount of care and service they have provided since they first opened.

Last year, we donated to Foster Love Project. This organization was started by foster to adoptive parents who recognized a need for physical and emotional support for foster children and foster families. They provide placement bags for kids in foster care as well as gift cards and essentials for their families. They also help connect families with respite care.

For our donation this year, we chose Marine Toys for Tots which is obviously a larger nationwide organization. It was created by the U.S. Marine Corps to distribute new toys to children in need at Christmas time. We were able to make our donation this year through a fire department where my husband used to volunteer. It also seemed appropriate to choose an organization with a train as a logo as our son is completely obsessed with them and has asked Santa once again for a "choo choo" to compliment the million he already has.

I'm hoping that when he is older, my son will be invested in the donation and help pick

an organization that means something to him. I hope he will know our love, the love his birth mother has for him and also gain a sense of the need to help others and share our blessings.

And of course - we always finish our celebration with fancy dessert!

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