As a board certified Pediatrician, I have devoted my career to caring for children, many of whom have been adopted or in foster care.  It was not until my own family began our adoption journey that I truly understood what a difficult and challenging process it is. 

I provide pre-adoptive counseling and help families navigate the medical complexities of birth families and children presented to them so that they can make informed decisions.

I know from first hand experience what a stressful and overwhelming time this can be for families. I also know the joy, wonderment and love that awaits at the other end making the whole trip worthwhile. I’m here t0 make the road to adoption easier for families. 

Pre-adoptive counseling

I will review any medical records presented to adoptive families or review any specific questions the family has regarding diagnoses and risk.


After the records review, we will have a one-on-one consultation to review the findings, explain the medical language and diagnoses as well as discuss risk based on known literature data for various problems.  Consultations may be done via phone or video conferencing.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

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